How To Buy an Auction Car at Japanese Car Auction?

In this article, we can see the process of buying an auction car at the Japanese car auction. Nowadays, peoples mostly prefer to buy the car at seconds and for this Japanese Used Car Auction is the best method. As provide top branded cars at affordable cost. The process you need to follow are.

  1. Select an Auctioneer: The first is you need to choose the auction consultant and tell them about the car you are interested to buy and also confirm that the car can be imported to your country without any problem.
  2. Security Deposit: Once you have decided to buy a car then importer should send the telegraphic transfer deposit in order to start the process. Without this, the auctioneer will not bid any car for the importer.
  3. Bidding Price: The buyer should be careful about the bidding price to purchase the used car. Once the target price of the car is fixed then it can’t be changed. And the buyer should arrange the money before the auction to the dealer who is making a bid on behalf of the buyer.
  4. Auction Result: If the buyer win’s the auction, then the auction representative will send the invoice to you. After that, you need to send the remaining amount to the supplier’s bank account. If you are not interested you can cancel the auction order before purchasing the auction.
  5. Vehicle Shipment: After all payments are made successful, then the supplier will import the car to the buyer’s port with all the essential documents. The necessary documents are an export certificate, Bill of lading, final invoice, and the invoice certificate.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to buy the used car from the Japanese car auction.