In today’s digital world, part of a business’ success is dependent on its digital footprint and presence. You have to make sure that your website has a steady flow of traffic, and ranking high in search results will be a key factor on this.

If your website doesn’t fare well in organic search rankings, you will lose traffic and with it, business and revenue. If you feel like you’re doing everything that’s needed but your search ranking is still not where you want it to be, one of these might be the reason.

  1. You’re not using the correct keywords

You may be using a lot of keywords on your publications, but it’s possible you’re not using the right one. You want to include ideal keywords and a number of incidences, not stuff your website with a collection of one. In fact, Google will penalize you if it detects that you’ve too much collection of keywords. Try using a keyword explorer tool to determine which keywords will work for you.

  1. Lost links

Drop in rankings can also be caused by lost links. You can use tools like Majestic or Ahrefs to check if your site has lost links over the last 90 days. Once a lost link has been determined, you need to know exactly where those links are coming from and why they are broken.

  1. Mobile compatibility

Everyone’s most common device for internet browsing is their smartphones. If you’re website isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, you will lose a potentially significant traffic and it will affect how you rank in search engines.

  1. Google’s Penguins and Pandas

Panda updates from Google penalizes sites and pages that are poorly written, uninformative, and duplicated. Penguin updates, on the other hand, targets sites with spammy or unnatural links. These two updates from Google can significantly lower down your website’s ranking and consequently, flow of traffic. Make sure your content is as good as the top-ranking pages for your target searches.

  1. Poor user experience

Keep those ads and banners at a minimum, as these can affect your ranking. Websites with too much ads compared to content will be flagged down by Google’s Top Heavy, an algorithm that targets website configurations, and will be penalized accordingly.