Indeed, as they say, nothing is constant but change. This is something that is observed to most rapidly occur in the world of digital technology, where trends happen year after year, and progress is unparalleled. The android market is also one which is fast-growing, where the market share is now at around 85%. Indeed, mobility is fast-becoming a crucial aspect of everyday life. Given its popularity, it is no surprise that one can télécharger apk sur pc in order to improve compatibility. With that said, what are some of the things to look forward to for those who are into Android software use and development?

Mobile Payment

Paper money may end up becoming a thing of the past now, where the market is for mobile payment is set to becoming $3 Trillion, come 2023. e-Payment is set so make the society one which is cashless, and convenient and innovative solutions for payment are things that can be offered by your Android Applications for the various products and/or services that can be offered. The more subscribers for mobile payment, the better opportunities for innovation in this particular field.

Virtual, Artificial Reality Apps

Virtual Reality is fast-becoming popular these days, where it is estimated that there will be close to a billion of AR app downloads that are standalone come 2018, with the figure surpassing the billion mark by 2022. One of the most familiar developments in this field is no other than the game Pokemon Go, which has taken the internet world and fans of the game by storm as of 2016. While this particular game has declined in popularity, the world of Virtual and Artificial reality is still poised to continue on in the years to come, where developers are not only attracting customers and clients, but competitors as well.

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