For some, photography is a hobby while for others it is a passion turned into a full-time profession. There are various DSLR cameras in the market and out of the Canon DSLRs are the most favored ones not only just for their compact ergonomics and great lens but also because of various other features they provide. So whether one is a beginner or an experienced photographer Canon DSLRs usually are their first choices.

Some of the highly famous as well as efficient Canon DSLRs which can be used by everyone regardless of their experience with the lenses are discussed below:

  1. Canon EOS 80D

This is a mid-range DSLR perfect for those who have already used a Canon camera and is well aware of its specification and its features. It gives better shutter speed and quicker bursts, it also has longer battery life with weather ceiling to keep the lenses safe from rain and dust. One can find the best lenses for Canon 80D photography which have better autofocus and video capturing.

  1. Canon EOS 6D Mark II

This is one of the best Canon models with giving full frame pictures and has a great performance in low light. It gives perfectly smooth autofocus for video shooting with its dual pixel feature. If one is thinking of shooting pictures at elevated and odd angles then its touch screen which flips out can be very helpful.

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T7i

This is a perfect model for those who are at the beginner stage of photography. It has a high-resolution sensor and quite precise autofocus with its dual pixel feature. It is known for its lightweight body and perfect dim light performance. This camera is a perfect buy for those who have used a T5i as its lenses are compatible with T7i.

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