Physical intimacy is what makes a relationship healthier. Some couples fail to maintain an active and passionate sex life as years of being together passed by. Experts state that this is normal in every relationship, particularly after kids come into the picture. However, with sex being a crucial factor to maintain a healthy relationship, it is necessary that couple find ways to renew couples sexual desire to stop their sex life from falling down completely. This article will go through some ways on how to renew your sexual desire with your partner.

Talk with your partner

Communication is a pivotal medium to bring back the sparks in a dying sex life. It may be awkward at first especially it’s been a long time since the last time you had sex, but talking to your partner about the status of your sex life is the very first step you need to take to regenerate your sexual desire.

Try Something New

Trying new things may be intimidating at first, but it will spice up your sex life. There is nothing wrong with embracing new adventures particularly if it will bring back the intimacy in your relationship. For instance, you can try using some products from, an online store for products designed for improving new sexual experiences and promoting positive thinking about sexuality.

Put Sex on Your Schedule

Again, it may be awkward but it can also be helpful for your sex life especially that you will have something to look forward to. It is also important to consider the day or time when you and your partner are sexually primed.

See a professional counselor

A sex therapist is a professional specially trained in sex therapy methods. He or she will conduct talk therapy that is designed to address your medical, psychological, personal or interpersonal factors impacting sexual satisfaction.

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