Pokemon Go Craze Continues

When Pokemon Go was released 3 years ago, the world turned crazy.  Everybody wants to play the game.  It set the minds of the people into the virtual world for some time.

How exciting it could be to catch Pokemon in the real world.  This is indeed one hell of a game.  The Game developers must be a genius to take advantage of using the internet in this particular game.

Internet usage has been on the rise since the past decades, but the use of mobile data has pushed mobile gaming on the edge of success.

Cheats and hacks are used to edge over the other players. Since Pokemon Go is an Android game, some are installing Pokemon Go cheats Android to advance in the level.  They do these to catch Pokemon easily.

Did you know that these increasing number of mobile gamers, more so the Pokemon Go players can contribute a lot to the boosts of marketing vision around the globe?

Yes, Pokemon Go isn’t just a simple game, it has a part in the economy of the world.  But some of you might be raising their eyebrows and ask, how?

Marketing Insights from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a combination of the real world and virtual reality.  When you play this game, it brings you to many different places.  In your desire to catch a Pokemon, it brings you to places you have never been before.

We call it discovery.  When you are in the place, you learned new things, places to eat and many more.

  • It is Solo Mo Success

Pokemon Go creates a lot of foot traffic.  As we said earlier, it is a great way to introduce your business to the people and your chance to get known. People enjoyed playing it while you gain something for your business.

  • It is a New Ground for Marketing

Just like what we already mentioned, it will help you grow your business by being featured in Pokemon Go games.  Who knows? Your restaurant might be the next Poke stop.  Virtually or not, it is like having a free advertisement for your place, isn’t it a great way to earn money for the business?

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