Beer drinkers prefer buying crafted beers with printed beer labels on it. People tend to look on the label first then followed by the price that comes with it. The more the catchier the labels are, the higher the chance that it could garner high volume of profit. As canned beers are becoming the norm and the on-the go choice for many drinkers especially people nowadays are always on constant move and travel to places, one way or the other.

Dating back from the previous times, most beers are in the form of drinking bottles and only hand-labeling are the only form of putting a distinct identity for each and every beer. Fast forward to recent times, beer labeling has become more sophisticated and technologically advance. From big bottle of beers with hand labels on it, now it has shrinked to aluminum cans with digital imprints on it.

Economically wise, beer manufactures nowadays buys blank can of beers and putting label on it on the later time. Depending on the current trend and mood of the market, manufacturer can now label their beers basing on the sales trend of beers that produces a high number of sales. Also, it not only cuts down the maintenance cost of producing bottles and hard labor, it also eases the burden of monitoring as manufacturer can now focus on different ways to improve the design of beer labels depending on the current trend.

With recent survey conducted, more than 50% prefers buying their beer based on the design imprinted on the can. It is said that it is more important to them and convinces them easily to give it a try for the first time. This is a good indication for manufacturers to really boost their digital skills for them incorporate catchy can designs.

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