Clash of Clan Quitters Made the Right Decision

Mobile games can be very addicting. It is experienced by many people who got hooked and engaged in the game like an addict. It is so addicting in a way that they have almost forgotten everything they needed to do just to play it.

It is understandable that some games can cause so much addiction. Things vary when you are the one playing the game.

When you are so interested and you don’t want to lose any turns or chances you have, you got glued to your mobile.

Game addiction is likened to a drug addiction too. When the player already forgets to eat, drink and take a bath, it is the clear sign that the person is already addicted.

Withdrawal to game addiction can be hard at times too. It is like dealing with a real-life drug addict. They can’t sleep.

Sleep deprivation often leads to more serious health issues. Because of your game addiction, you don’t sleep anymore and it lowers your body resistance and makes you prone to many types of diseases.

However, not everybody seems to enjoy the game. There are some who admittedly say that they quit from the addiction.

Here are some of the bad experience of Clash of Clan gamers that made them quit the game.

  1. Having a dead battery for their phones.

When your phone is dead, so is the game. This is one of the worst experience a gamer can experience. They lose 30 trophies just because of this reason.

  The result, he quitted playing the game and began to live a normal life again.

  1. Clash of Clan presents a lot of game hackers.

It is but normal to encounter a lot of people who wanted to hack Clash of Clan. So what will they get out of hacking CoC?

Well, if you are a successful hacker, you can get access to unlimited use of gold and gems.

  1. Playing with bad clan members

Clash of Clan is a multi-player game. You cannot survive without the help of your clan members. Without cooperation and coordination, your enemies and opponent might just get an edge over you.

Malware – Helping Computer Repair Experts Make Huge Profits

The term “Malware” stands for “malicious software”. It is a program designed specifically to damage a computer or server by stealing or deleting important data or by gaining access to a computer’s core functions thereby rendering it unusable by the user. Malware works by spreading to computers either through physical means such as a USB flash drive or by being downloaded on computers through the internet. They are delivered through commands executed by the creators of the particular malware. Various types of Malware exist with their own unique qualities and functions.

Some different types of malware –

  • Virus
  • Worm
  • Spyware
  • Ransomware
  • Trojan Horse
  • Remote Access Trojan (RAT)

This malware is providing jobs to various computer repair experts and are keeping them in business. These experts charge people a hefty amount to rid their computers of malware and gaining access to their data. In a way these benefit two parties – firstly the ones who create it in order to gain access to crucial information and secondly the computer repair experts whose help is sought by the affected people to rid their gadgets of this malicious software.

Everyone out there can keep their computers free of malware by practicing some basic habits such as using a good quality Anti-Malware software, downloading apps only from trusted sources, getting your computer system regularly malware checked and keeping all the software and applications updated.

Every other day, some of the other new types of malware is being developed targeting different aspects of various people’s computers, each one being more dangerous and more difficult to get rid of than the previous one. So, in a way Malware is a major job creator for a computer repair company to make your computer malware free.