We have heard of countless health-related ‘words of wisdom’ from our elders, and as plausible as these ‘advice’ may sound, most of them aren’t backed by evidence to support the claim.

These ‘advice’ still persist up to this day even when modern science has already debunked them. Here are 4 health-related myths that people still believe today.

Dehydration By Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee contain diuretic substances which increase urine production. Tea and coffee are actually rich in antioxidants which can actually improve your mood and memory.

Chocolate Causes Acne

In a case study performed by scientists, people have been fed with candy bars that contained 10-times the usual amount of chocolate. They also fed some with fake chocolate bars. The result suggests that the chocolate seemed to have no effect on acne.

Ice Cream Can Make Your Cold Worse

Your elders may have claimed that dairy can increase your mucus production. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic suggest that frozen dairy products can, fortunately, “soothe a sore throat and provide calories when you otherwise may not eat.”

Vaccines Cause Autism

This is probably the most controversial item in this list. Claims that vaccines can cause autism have been debunked countless times and yet, it still persists today.

Not only is it controversial, but it is also dangerous. This claim, which has long been retracted, came from a former doctor who published a study in Lancet. Since then countless studies have been performed and have proven that there is no direct link between vaccines and autism.

So there you go: eat ice cream when you have a cold, and drink coffee and tea as much as you want. Not only will these treats improve your mood, but you’ll also actually benefit from them.

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