It is often noticed that women are considered to be the weaker individual when it comes to relationships. It is therefore a matter of concern to be noticed that in a man woman relation, compatibility can sometimes be a major issue that needs to be handled with great concern. Some of the most destructive issues that couples across are as follows:

  • Stalking other individuals.
  • Maintaining friendly relations with others
  • Hooking up with someone else

In spite of the above factors, there are so many elements that can bring in that toxic factor and ruin the entire stability of the couple. But in spite of all the issues faced and the troubles undertaken, women sometimes keep coming back to that same relationship again. There are numerous reasons as to why this happens and one might have to dig in to the women’s psychological aspect as that would help to determine the main reason behind the actions.

Why women go back to their abusive partners?

A relationship in order to be healthy and strong must have two essential elements. These include:

  • Complete trust on one another
  • Freedom

By freedom one must have the ability to stand up for oneself in matters of crucial decisions. But in toxic relationships, women fail to have this freedom and therefore, they tend to go back to their male partners for two reasons:

  • Dealing with a heartbreak is not everyone’s cup of tea
  • Finding a new partner would be difficult again.

Women therefore reference themselves to be very weak and the adjusting issue is thus, a major cause of concern for most couples, who feel that their relationship is not going right. But letting go of such a relation is far wiser decision than to stay in it.

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