Everybody has cardboard boxes at their homes, and one can find several uses of them too. whether to store things in them when not in use or to be used as organizers for the drawers and tables, they have many household uses. However, one of the best uses of cardboard boxes that one can think of or say a child can think of is; making a playhouse out of it.

Big cardboard boxes turned into a playhouse where a child can play for hours is something every house with kids should have. Also the one the biggest advantage is that it is collapsible, so one can simply fold and store it without cluttering one’s room. One can use any cardboard box available or can even buy one form the cardboard box suppliers for this DIY project.

Steps to make a DIY playhouse

  • Take a large empty cardboard box and turn it so that the opening is perpendicular to the floor.
  • Now cut off the top part of the box and keep it aside as it will be used for the roofing.
  • Now secure the flap lines with tapes. One can get creative by using different colors and patterns of tapes.
  • Now take the roof piece and cut the same size of the roof piece from another cardboard box. Make sure that both the pieces are of the same size, and then cut off ¼ of the piece so as o give steepness to the roof.
  • Now that there are two roof pieces of the same size, tape them together to form a triangular shape.
  • Now stick the roof and the hose together using colorful tapes.
  • Now comes a bit tricky part to make the cardboard box collapsible. Here one needs to place the house facing upside down and cut the back and the bottom through the exact center. Also one need to cut straight through the line where the bottom meets the back part.
  • Make sure to make clean and straight cuts and then collapse the box and fold the flaps outward and tape the cuts together.

And voila! The cardboard box turned playhouse is ready to be played in.

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