Nothing is more frustrating than having your fresh garden veggies gobbled up by wandering deer. It took days and loads of effort from your site to grow the garden. It’s like your baby and certainly don’t want to fall prey to hungry beasts. But no need to freak-out- here are some smart tips for deer resistant garden that will keep those animals at bay.

Plant deer-resistant herbs and plants

The first of point of deer resistant garden starts with intelligent selection of plants. Deer are averse to hairy or fuzzy foliage, prickly foliage and heavily fragrant ones. So, try to have such plants especially around the edge of your garden. Some good examples will be flowering tobacco, lady’s mantle, yarrow, bear’s breeches, sea hollies, cardoon, sage, lavender, thyme, oregano and so on.

Toxic foliage like poppies, daffodils, spurges, monkshood etc. are also good options for deer-resistant plants for your garden. You may even try out fibrous or leathery foliage as they are hard digest and deer do not like them.

Install deer fence

This is another crucial tip when you are looking for ideas for a deer-resistant garden. Deer can jump over a height of around 8ft. So, your deer fence should be taller than that. However, if you don’t want to put high fences, take to stockade one over see-through ones. A deer will only come to your place if he actually sees something interesting in your garden. But stockade fences are opaque and do not allow a deer to see what’s on the other side. If the deer can’t see what’s on the other side, he will soon lose out on interest in your garden, much to your joy.

On the other hand, double netted fences too work well to protect your garden.

Spray Deer repellent

Deer repellent, especially egg-based ones are excellent to keep these animals at bay.

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