The best way to make leisure time enthusiastic is gaming. Gaming boosts up the energy level and helps the player in enhancing the brain’s speed and memory. Along with technological advancement, gaming can operate in mobile phones as well. One such gaming activity is a Marvel contest of champions, which is a fighting game based on superheroes. Superheroes have gained a lot of attention from people these days.

Games are designed in such a way that they reflect the characters of superheroes. Marvel contest of champions is available on the Android and ios platform. It came in the year 2014 and it has come out of a comic book series named Contest of Champions.Users can play as a single player or multiplayer both. It has a good graphics system, which makes it user-friendly.

Rules of the game

Players have multiple characters to choose such as Iron man, Rhino, Hulk, Spiderman etc. These characters are upgradable and they assign to each of the six classes that include Skill, Science, Mystic, Tech, Mutant and Cosmic. Players act as summonedand they call upon other players to form a group of marvels heroes or villains and they combat with each other in the battle.Characters that the users choose to decide the capabilities in a game.  There is marvel contest of champions cheats that brings unlimited gold, units and crystals. Players can easily access to the feature of the game. It has efficient shortcuts, which are easy to remember. Initially, to start the game there are two champions on the same level and it is the lowest level of the game. It is upgraded to the next level after the battle is over. Players have the make an alliance and claim the crystals in the game.

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