MCOC: The Resources That You Need

One of the key elements of success in every game that you play online is the abundance of your resources. If you don’t have that many resources, then chances are, you’re going to have a hard time going around your game. With that said, the hack marvel contest of champions tools that you can find online are all aimed towards helping you get an unlimited supply of gold, units, and crystals, which serve as the currency in the game. With that said, what are some of the resources that you need? Here are some things you need to know:


This is one of the most important currencies in terms of getting to fight, as this game allows you to purchase brand new arenas. They can be collected through winning in modes, for both arena and versus ones. These can also be bought.

Contest of Champions Gold

This resource will allow you to level up the characters that you have, and thus will make them stronger, and hence be a lot easier for you to battle it out against other, lower-ranking characters. You can get gold from either the gold or the arena crystals, whichever works for you. As with this type of game, golds are important as they allow you to level up the characters that you have. This is where hack tools can come in handy, as a shortcut can really help to level up without much of the effort.


This resource for Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the most crucial. This is because they can give a great impact in terms of all the things that are done in the game. Some of these crystals, however, have to be bought, and some have to be obtained for free. It’s a matter of luck for the latter.

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