Why then do people get tempted to buy followers? Admit, an account with 10K followers looks better than an account with 100 followers, right? Everyone always wants to grow, the faster the better. If you’re just starting out or if you’ve been on Social media for a while and do not get the results you want, then the temptation is to buy followers. We understand that. But why is it still wise not to work with these parties? “Strive for valuable and sincere relationships on Social media. Your follower number is good for your ego, but a single Social media follower can help your business grow faster. ”

Why is buying followers bad for your Social media account?

  1. Unknown Social media accounts

As I mentioned earlier, a fraction of the purchased followers will be ‘real’. By that I mean that, especially in Asian countries, there are huge click farms where weird people create Social media accounts. These people are 100% certainly not your target group, because nobody is behind these accounts. Often it is automated programs that create accounts to follow you. So there is nobody who likes your photos and there is no one who will buy your products via Social media.

  1. Low engagement rate

If you are going to buy Social media followers, this is most likely noticed by the Social media algorithm. Imagine, you get 30 followers daily and an average of 150 likes on your photos. The next day you suddenly have 5,000 followers, but the amount of likes on a photo remains the same. If you were working at Social media you would also find this a bit striking, right? As soon as the algorithm detects these results, the alarms will ring. What are the consequences? For example, your real Social media followers, your ideal customers, will no longer see your content, which will drastically reduce your organic reach and engagement rate. In addition, Social media occasionally cleans up the fake Social media accounts. This ensures that the followers you paid for are removed from your follower list. Recently, there were even reports that click farms your Social media account anyway after a while, so you are tempted again to buy new followers there. In order to フォロワー 購入, you may always go through the various online portals.

Want to buy Social media followers or not?

The reasons above are not only valid for Social media, but also for Facebook, for example. The algorithms look very similar and will ensure the same result. I think that after reading this article you will understand why I recommend never buying your followers. No matter how small the investment is, by purchasing Social media followers you make sure your Social media account is not getting better. Ultimately, you want followers what you really have something to and not an account with 10K fake followers. Like everything in life costs success on Social media time. You will see that if you have a good strategy and apply it consistently, you will automatically grow and become successful with Social media marketing. Do you need help with this? Then take a look at my training.

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