Signage is an important aspect of event management. Whether you want to welcome your attendees for sponsorship purposes, or showcasing your brand at a trade show or exhibition, your signage will speak a thousand words on your behalf. It often creates a first impression in the mind of your viewer, so try to be as creative as you can with your signage. Here are 5 creative event signage ideas for branding and sponsorship.

  1. Graffiti Walls

A graffiti wall is perhaps the most colorful and attractive signage idea. You can have your own graffiti wall painted live at an event. You can even have a digital graffiti wall without literally painting the wall!

  1. Floating Signage

If you have pools or water fountains available for an event, it will be quite creative to make use of the water body for a floating signage. You can also use solar powered lights for changing-lights effects, making the signage look even more attractive.

  1. Projections

The trendiest signage Brisbane currently loves has to be signage in form of projections. Whether you project your brand name or a message out into the crowd, your projected letters can light up any dull and dark space.

  1. Neon Signage

Another popular way to display signage is via neon lights. Neon signage is considered an art in itself nowadays. You can make use of logos and fun colors to add in some more life to your bright signage.

  1. Wearables

Wearables like wristbands and event badges are a nice way to make your audience feel inclusive in your event, and more connected to your brand. This is one form of signage that every attendee will take back home.

Think what kind of lasting impressions you would want to have on your audience. Then take your signage pick accordingly.

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