Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hacks That Could Make You Go Crazy

The journey to the magical destination-Hogwarts at ‘Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery’ takes you to the most unexpected journey of thrill. After having read or watched so much about Harry Potter and his life, it’s time that you actually get a role in that world and explore your endless potential with this game. However, without harry potter hogwarts mystery hacks, it might become a rough journey. Everyone looks for tips and tricks in real life as well. It’s time we dive in the world of virtual reality’s need for them.

Some of the most relevant Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hacks are:

  1. Limitless Energy Source?

The game builds its strength on the energy level of the player and the moment you start dripping it, you get closer to losing it all. Hence, it is very essential to have the power which stays with you, so that you can focus on defeating the evil and not just on saving yourself. To get free energy you can talk to the house elf in the dungeons, the wand lying in the Castle Ground, or the torch in the right side of the Great Hall’s door.

  1. Oh There! You want gems?

Gems can do wonders and shouldn’t be underestimated. What it ultimately fetches you is energy, that too, a lot of them. Also, to unlock the quests as well, you might require them. You can earn gems by learning new spells, by winning the house cup, or by hitting the levels.

  1. House Points are Worthwhile!

Completing the quests is one of the easiest ways of winning house points. You can also do that by succeeding in lectures and grabbing them.

  1. Cheat Codes, yes

There are some web portals and apps which promise to get you some of those cheat codes which can earn you big number of gems, coins, energy points and more.


The hacks and tricks are a way to boost your performance in the game and get you ahead of your friends and opponents. Trying atleast a few of them will certainly lead you to become super happy with the free benefits. So, what are you waiting for?

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