Rugs or carpets have long been used to act as decorations, or to increase the aesthetical appeal of a room or a hall, or to provide flooring to walk on. Rugs can either cover just an area or span the whole room from wall to wall. They were traditionally made of wool but modern rugs are also made of different types of polymers which act as a cheaper alternative to wool. No house can do away without a rug due to its utility.

What are rugs used for?

Except for the obvious aesthetics, modern rugs carry a lot of functions with them. They include, amongst others:

  • They are used in sound-proofing in apartments or studios and have known to work effectively.
  • They soften the floor and can save from injuries and also help in keeping the floor warm.
  • They have been used while offering prayers and for seating purposes.

What are their types?

They can either be differentiated on the type of material used or in the way the rug was made. Rugs can be made of wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, animal skins, et cetera. The rugs,on the basis of construction,can be of the following types:

  • They can be woven rugs, that is, they are produced with the help of a loom.
  • Rugs can also be hand-knotted and generally, traditional rugs have been produced in this manner.
  • Rugs can be made through felts. Needle felts is an advanced technique and therefore, the modern rugs are made this way.
  • Tufted rugs are made by pushing pile into a base material. The base material or cloth is itself woven or bonded to another material to increase its durability.

There are also other types of rugs including flatweave, hair-on-hide and so forth. They are essential to any household and modern rugs are equipped with extra utilities which make them even more desirable.

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